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Company Profile

      DANBELL (THAILAND) CO., LTD. was founded in 2005 as an industrial automation solution provider. We are importer and supplier of PLC, Software, Drive and Instrument from Europe and USA. We provide a total solution from plant floor measuring, Control Cabinet, Engineering & Project Management, Process and Machines Control, Real Time Monitoring and Energy Saving Project. We have more reference project which got positive pleasure and excellent response from customers.

     Today we are market leader in Industrial Automation and Energy Saving System for various industries such as Electronic & Semiconductor, Food & Beverage, Utility and Building Management. Our services are provided by highly trained and experienced engineers who have diverse backgrounds, disciplines and skills enabling us to provide the required knowledge to meet and fulfil customer requirements.

     DANBELL has provided world class solutions at competitive prices. This has been achieved by working closely with our customers to ensure their requirements and expectations are clearly. Our desire to retain and improve our reputation is strong so you can be assured of receiving the value you expect when you utilize the services of us.

Philosophy “ We are providing final solution for every customer ”


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