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Energy Saving and Chiller Plant Management System

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We are systems integrated which designed to facilitate the interconnection of a variety of systems so they can communicate with each other, working cooperatively to respond to data from different sensors and controls to create maximum comfort, efficiency and energy saving throughout all of the building’s environments. Turning building systems into business advantages requires knowledge of HVAC applications, system design and controls. Danbell is one of the few companies in the industry that designs, tests and integrate all products comprising a high-performance HVAC system. And Our solution meet the most challenging temperature, humidity and ventilation needs by applying our controls, system components, and applications engineering expertise to create the most effective and efficient system. ICS systems enable comprehensive monitoring to ensure optimal operating performance. ICS incorporates the benefits of factory-installed and field applied microprocessor controls for HVAC components linked to a SCADA Software (Building automation system). To make sure you and your staff are comfortable with the system which we provide system training for every level of operation.


Retrofits and Replacements

If you are planning a system retrofit or replacement, we can help you to integrate your existing system, improving comfort and energy saving control with our total systems approach. Our software and controllers can also be connected to equipments and systems originally built by other manufacturers for facility additions, so you can meet your retrofit and replacement challenges.

Comprehensive Monitoring and In-depth diagnostics

Systems can be remote monitored via the Internet by web base solution, a phone modem or Local Area Network (LAN) to help customers service their facilities. Software and system will enable the building owner and operator to diagnose building equipment on a continual basis and keep it running at peak efficiency. System will provides access to all the necessary temperatures, pressures and status of all safeties and operating conditions required to optimize building performance.

Connectivity and Database Systems

Our software  provide driver to connect standard Protocol for Building Automation Control Network. A standard communication protocol such as BACnet, Modbus, LonMark, Metasys_N2 bus, Profibus, Device Net, COM3, COM4, YorkTalk, TCP/IP, ASCII CODE, OPC Server, Advance DDE,  and others specific driver.  

System provides various type of Database system such as SQL SERVER, MYSQL, MS Access, SQL LITE, ORACLE, iHistorian, and so on. To ensure that data collected can be integrate with other system, so the database can be export as Excel or CV file.


chiller plant
chiller plant